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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mostly a function of following the current Webmaster Guidelines from the major search engines, especially Google. However, your web server performance can also have an impact on how your website ranks. The search engines have stated that page load speed and IP neighbors can affect rankings. Here's some areas where your web hosting company can make a difference;


If a search bot tries to crawl your site while the network is down it will certainly affect your rankings. The algorithms may flag the website as unreliable.
We have 100% network uptime. That means that within the data center, the website is always live and available to resolve worldwide. (of course, all kinds of things could happen between the data center and the end user)

Server Response Times

The search engines are now ranking sites for their 'Page Load Speed'. Issues can occur when a web server is hosting hundreds of websites and a couple of the sites are using huge bandwidth. Other sites on the server will load slowly. One of the major hosting companies states in their terms of service "....Web Sites may experience periodic decreases in performance." Definitely not SEO friendly.
Our servers are not overloaded and not oversold. There is plenty of bandwidth for all customers to fully utilize their hosting package limits.

Your IP Neighborhood

All search engines segregate certain topics, These includes gambling, adult and pharmaceutical sites. If an IP address becomes populated with these topics then everything on that IP address may find their rankings diluted.
Our terms of service state that we only host business websites. Nothing controversial, nothing to raise any flags.

Search Engine Bots NOT Blocked

The major search engines regularly crawl most all websites. These automated queries are resource intensive for hosting companies and some hosts block them. We remain wide open to the major search engine bots. No redirects or firewalls to block them.

OS Updates and Plug Ins

Keeping the various software components on a web server up to date is important mostly due to potential malware and hacking issues. Once a site is tagged as having malware your rankings will drop dramatically. The 'reinclusion' process at the major search engines, once the website is cleaned up, can take weeks.
Our servers are always updated to the latest 'stable' release of Apache and PHP.

Automated Script Installer

We have installed Softaculous - widely recognized as the cleanest script installer available. All free and fully accessible through your cPanel control panel.

Fast, uncrowded servers with clean IP's - It's how WE want to be hosted.