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It's easy to run old servers with outdated software and sell it as 'Discount Hosting'. We approach business web hosting as a serious part of your overall internet marketing strategy. We stay current on Google Webmaster Guidelines and keep our servers up to date with the latest versions of Linux, EasyApache and PHP. Our high speed Solid State Drives provide very fast page load speeds and our clean IP's protect you from potential ranking penalties by the major search engines. We keep it professional - our websites are hosted here too.

Don't Pay For SSL Certificates

SSL encryption is now a ranking factor from Google. Most web hosts still charge $50- to $100- per year for legacy certificates. Currently, we can provide a free lifetime SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt. All hosting accounts are automatically  provisioned with this service. All you need is a proper redirect in your htaccess file. See the Google Developers Blog on Why HTTPS Matters.

Use Modern, Updated Servers

Page Load Speed is also now a ranking factor from Google. We are currently running high speed Solid State Drives with the following software:
Linux 64 bit servers running CentOS 7 and EasyApache 4.0
PHP 7.2 - adjustable within cPanel and MySQL 5.5.60
cPanel 76.0.8 - allows you to choose which version of PHP you prefer to run - great for testing updates.

Current Market Pricing

Currently, some discount providers offer basic hosting $2- a month. However, these are often older legacy servers with slower speeds and outdated software.
A common price for Business Class Hosting is $7- to $10- per month. $40- to $50- per month for large e-commerce websites.

Pre Installed Scripts

Included in all plans is the Softaculous Script Installer. This tool keeps all scripts continuously updated and secure. You can avoid downloading 'free' scripts that may have security vulnerabilities. Numerous 1 click install apps including a WordPress installer, Zen Cart, PHP BB, Calendars, Wikis, blogs, and more. Automatic updates keep you current.

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